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A Guide to Utah Bicycle Laws

Ride Safely Bicycling is popular in Utah, with many people taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. With so many cyclists, knowing the state’s bicycle laws is essential. This guide provides an overview of these laws to help keep you safe and informed while cycling in Utah. We’ll cover helmet requirements, where to ride, […]

3 Reasons to Avoid Hand-Me-Down Car Seats

Hand-Me-Down Car Seats: 3 Crucial Reasons to Think Twice For families juggling multiple responsibilities and tight budgets, it’s natural to look for ways to save money and extend the lifespan of items. When it comes to car seats, a hand-me-down solution from an older sibling or close friend might seem like a sound and resourceful […]

An Overview of Utah Traction Laws

Traction laws were designed to protect those who drive in areas prone to snow or ice. In a place like Salt Lake City, which not only gets heavy wintery conditions but also is near many of Utah’s ski resorts, these laws are an important way to keep motorists safe. Read on to learn more about […]

Motorcycle Laws in Utah

Utah’s scenic views and summer weather make it an ideal place for motorcycle riders around the country to vacation. Regardless if you are a current resident or are taking that final trip before the season is over, it’s essential to know the motorcycle safety laws in the state. Here is what you need to know. Who Can […]

Driving Tips for Traffic Jams

How to Stay Safe in High Traffic Areas As you’re taking road trips, teaching kids how to drive, or getting in those last-minute summer vacations, you’re bound to experience a traffic jam or two. Although the stop-and-go doesn’t appear to take much effort, road congestion can be a significant risk factor for rear-end crashes and […]