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What is the Most Dangerous Time for Drivers on Utah Roads?

Every year, the Utah Department of Public Safety releases a report on the number of crashes that have occurred in the state. Using this data, we can understand the different times of day (hour, day, month) that have the highest number of fatal crashes. This information may also touch on the time of year, such as how seasonality affects crashes.

When Are the Roads Most Dangerous?

The 2021 data suggests that the most dangerous time of day is the evening rush hour, specifically from 4 to 6 pm, with more crashes per hour than other periods during the day.

In terms of days of the week, Friday has the highest number of crashes resulting in fatalities. However, Saturday and Sunday share the lowest number of crashes during the week.

Analysis of data by month reveals that fall months have higher numbers of fatal crashes than seasons; however, December tops the list of the most crashes during the year. Despite this, the other winter months of January and February have the lowest number of crashes. This is largely due to the fact that these months come with severe weather conditions that force people to spend more time indoors and less time on the road.

How Do Holidays Affect Car Accident Rates?

Holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving tend to bring out more people on the road, which can increase the number of crashes. In fact, data from 2021 shows that the day before and after Thanksgiving saw a significant spike in injury and fatal crashes compared to other days in November. Additionally, rates of alcohol-involved crashes tend to be higher on holidays than the national average for other days.

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