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Drunk Driving Accidents Spike During Summer

With the summer months comes more time spent outdoors and vacation from school. However, this time also, unfortunately, comes with an increased rate of drunk driving accidents. According to the National Safety Council, more drunk driving-related crashes happen from June to August than in any other period, making up over 30% of all DUI crashes. But what is contributing to these higher rates? Read on to learn more.

Why is Drunk Driving More Common in Summer?

There are several reasons why drunk driving becomes more common in the summer. For one, people may find more opportunities to do so—with warmer weather comes more outdoor events, celebrations, and gatherings where alcohol is present. In addition, summertime is often associated with vacations and days off from work or school. This means that people have more free time on their hands, which can sometimes increase alcohol consumption.

Another factor contributing to the rise in drunk driving accidents during summer is an overall increase in traffic. With nicer weather comes more road trips and travel, which means more cars are on the road. When you combine this with higher rates of intoxication, accidents may occur more frequently.

What Are the DUI Laws in Utah?

While the summer months may see an uptick in drunk driving accidents, it’s important to remember that driving under the influence (DUI) is illegal year-round. In Utah, DUI laws state that it is against the law to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05% or higher. Although this is less than the national standard of 0.08%, ignorance of this law does not excuse poor behavior.

Penalties for driving under the influence can include jail time, fines, license suspension, etc. Remember, drunk driving is 100% preventable, and we can all do our part to reduce the risks of this occurring in the summer and every other time of year.

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