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Which Car Seat is Right for My Child? [Infographic]

Upgrading Your Car Seat As Your Child Grows

Keeping your child safe in the car is a huge priority for any parent. Although everyone knows they should be in a car seat until a certain point, knowing which one to use and when to upgrade can be a challenge. Here is a quick and simple guide to knowing when to make these changes. 

Rear-Facing Car Seat

From newborn to at least two years of age, children should be in a rear-facing car seat. The Utah Department of Public Safety also recommends that they be in these seats until they reach 30 pounds or the seat limit. Ultimately, children should be rear-facing for as long as possible.

Front-Facing Car Seat

Once they outgrow the rear-facing car seat, children should still be securely fastened in a front-facing car seat with a harness. They can remain in these seats until 4-6 years of age or until they reach the seat limit.

Booster Seat with Seat Belt

If the child surpasses the size limits, they can upgrade to a booster seat and seat belt until they reach 4’9″. Utah requires that all passengers aged 8 and younger be restrained in a car or booster seat.

Seat Belt Only

Children may upgrade to only using a seat belt once it can fit snuggly and comfortably across the chest and lap. If the belt is on their stomach or neck, they should still be in a booster seat. Under Utah law, all passengers, regardless of age, must wear a seat belt.

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